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          1. The only thing complicated about this mouth-watering pie? The flavour. In this post, Island Menu's Samuel Shelley shows us how to make a simple dish that looks nice and fancy on a plate.

            In one of the most isolated towns in the world, hunting isn’t a hobby or even a way of life; it’s a means of survival. But that could all be about to change.

            Artist Alvaro Naddeo’s dystopian shelters and vehicles are only watercolour drawings for now, but we’re probably going to need the blueprints real soon.

            The Overlooked Art of the Motel

            Tuesday June 04, 2019

            Motels are usually just places we stay in on the way to more celebrated landmarks. But as these photos show, there's plenty about them worth celebrating.

            The Honey Hunters of Nepal

            Tuesday June 04, 2019

            Honey hunters in Nepal have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. And as these photos show, they also have one of the most scenic. Sadly, though, their days might be numbered.

            Volume 31 is Out Now

            Monday June 03, 2019

            Grab your government issue water ration and slip on your gas mask: Smith Journal volume 31 is going underground.

            The Dictionary of Winds

            Sunday June 02, 2019

            This meteorologist has compiled a list of just about every type of wind you can poke a weather vane at, from Abroholos to Zephyros and many other hair-ruffling gusts in between.

            This isn’t your grandfather’s model village.

            The Jefferson Grid project uses Google Earth to chart the planet, one square-mile of land at a time.

            Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

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